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What is softra Virtual Lab

Softra Virtual Lab is an essential module required for IT students especially who study BCA, MCA, B. Tech IT, M. Tech IT, Bsc Computer Science etc. The virtual lab makes it possible for students and teachers to create, edit and run Php, Python, Html, Css, Js, Linux Shell and Databases from any system online using any web browser from mobile and laptop. Moreover, students could create their PHP, MYSQL, Python, HTML projects online in a live web server. The tool would provide real world coding experience. Teachers could test their students coding from anywhere in the world.

E kit FAQ

Can I test E Kit
If you are a registered educational institution, you could try our full featured demo for three days. Give access to all teachers and students.
How to set up?
You do not have to worry about anything. Just log in and start the class. Read the guide and everything is easy.
Is the instance secure?
Each installation is dedicated to a single college and all contents and other information are restricted to the same institution.
We provide support through Whatsapp: +91 8547991411, email : and through phone : +91 8921286589

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Do coding right from your mobile. Run all your linux shell scripts, create or edit php files or create live projects online from mobile with ease.
Gain great knowledge regarding php, mysql, python, Linux shell, html, Css, JS etc by using Softra Virtual Lab for live coding.
Every instance is powered by World's fastest and trusted servers - AWS. Works even in moderate internet environment . 24 x 7 support to help you get started.